Friday, April 30, 2010

Bonne et fete a toi! (Happy birthday to you!) Carrigan

Today my girl is 5 years old!! We enjoyed getting ready this morning for her party; then we sneaked outside for a few "5 year old shots" She is so excited for her party to begin. This is her outfit I made her for her "Hippy Groovy party!"

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

it's all in the details....

....what can I say I love the little details!

the cutest little flower girls....

can you tell they are sisters? I love how they are holding hands....they did a great job; maybe a little nervous with all the strange people watching so they were instructed by there Dad to take the baskets up to Colby....

Colby & Charlene

It was a magical evening!;) Every detail was amazing, location, flowers, food, cocktails....Char thought of everything! It was the most elegant wedding I've ever attended. Thanks for an excuse to get away for a funfilled weekend. To a great couple!

Grady's haircut

Kent insisted that it was time for a haircut....I just loved the curls! But he sure looks grown up with his big boy haircut....I know that the curls will return!;)
after our quick spring rainstorm....I snuck out to take some pictures of the spring flowers poking up in my garden...As I type this the rain has turned to a lovely sunny afternoon. Off to the bus stop to get Makenna. Enjoy the sunshine!

The best things in life are not things....

Welcome to my new blog! This website/blog has been in the works for months....time isn't something I've had a lot of until recently! I'm no longer employed outside the home. I can focus my energy on my family and my love of photography. Thanks for visiting my site...stop by often and enjoy!:)